People ask me why I became a librarian

from Wil Wheaton’s blog

Libraries are constantly under attack from people who fear knowledge, people who think guns are more important than books, and people who want to ensure that multi-millionaires pocket even more money. As an author, father, and a reader, I beg you: please support your local libraries in any way you can, and if you enjoy reading, take a moment to thank a librarian.

His memories of being in a library mirror mine so much. I was in a library reading program at the age of four and never left the place after that. I grew up to work at my local library and befriended my favorite librarian who became like a wise grandmother to me. These are the people who shaped my life with information and the power that holds. I was able to escape my sheltered life and visit places like Egypt and attend summer camp from the comfort of my air conditioned home. It was their influence that made me want to be a librarian. I wanted to have that same effect on someone else.



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