Painted Ladies

Tattoos and librarians seem to go hand-in-hand, at least in my circle. It seems to come up on several library school reference spots with panicked students wondering how their tattoos will be perceived in the work force. Turns out, it’s not as big of a deal as one might think.

I work for a pretty conservative place and with that comes a pretty restrictive dress code. Strictly no jeans or trainers unless it’s some sort of special day, and we usually have to donate money to some charity in order to do so. However, there is surprisingly no notes on tattoos. I think the unspoken rule is they are ok unless they are visible. But I know a few people who push that limit and have not been called on it.

I’m one of those people, occasionally.

I have a back tattoo that periodically will peak out from a lower cut shirt. I’ve had a few people I work with ask me about it and I usually get embarrassed that I forgot to cover it up. But all of the responses have been favorable.

What I find SUPER AWESOME are libraries who embrace their painted members. In an effort to pay for their graduation ceremony, the library students of the Pacific Northwest opted to create a calendar showcasing their ink. Needles and Sins shows off the calendar and brought it to my attention that this is not the first group to put out a tattooed librarians calendar. Last year the Texas Library Association put one out as well. All I can say, is it’s about time people start showing a little love to the new look of librarians.

“Let’s face it, your traditional Granny-Librarian is going by the wayside as hair-buns and cardigans are making way for tattoos and piercings!”

Turner Masland,
featured in “The Tattooed Librarian Students
of the Pacific Northwest” calendar

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5 Responses to Painted Ladies

  1. Lucy says:

    Should we start our own?

  2. YES! did Kim ever get hers?

  3. Have you checked out It’s about literary tattoos. I get so many ideas!

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