43 down, 9 to go

Title: Whip It
Author: Shauna Cross

Looking at my list of books this year, one might surmise I’ve got an interest in roller derby, even perhaps a derby girl myself. Well, you’d be wrong. Derby has played a weird role in my life, but neither as a spectator or a participant. And because of it, I sort of know more about derby than someone who has never seen a bout before.

I knew of this book more because of the movie made of it staring Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore. When I realized it was a juvenile fiction book, I was a little worried it was going to be not what I expected. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Bliss Cavendar is the outsider in her small town. She’s even an outsider in her own home with a mother who desperately wants her to follow in the family tradition of being a local beauty queen. And all Bliss wants to get the hell out of her hometown and run away to Austin. She finds her chance when she gets herself involved with roller derby.

It’s on the track that Bliss comes in to her own. She finds strength and an amazing bunch of girls to support her. From what I know of derby world, you enter in to a kick ass circle of automatic best friends. Bliss finds that and more by simply putting on a pair of skates.

Cross does an excellent of giving Bliss a sassy attitude and realistic characteristics. She feels just like the ladies I know in my circle of friends. Cross is a new author with great potential and I look forward to future kick ass books from her.



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