42 down, 10 to go

Title: Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making it Work
Author: Tim Gunn

I’ve been a fan of Project Runway from Season 1 and while some of the subsequent seasons have been truly terrible, one of the consistent shining lights is their fashion consultant, Tim Gunn. As the seasons have gone on, the viewers have gotten a better insight in to the seemingly uptight mentor. And we’ve discovered there’s a pretty awesome, kind man inside.

Which is why I’m so surprised to find how incredibly catty he is in this book.

While his rules may be incredibly useful (like always be kind to your wait staff or take risks because playing it safe is rarely safe), I think his overall  goal was just to tell unbecoming stories about a lot of people. He’s super critical of former contestants of the show. He rags on Anna Wintour and Isaac Mizrahi. It almost feels like the sole reason for the book is to tell all the tales he’s been desperate to get out. Oh what a disappointment, Tim Gunn.

The most interesting bit for me was reading about Tim Gunn’s dad who was a ghostwriter for J. Edgar Hoover. Gunn even suggests that he saw Hoover dressed in drag, but it could have been Vivian Vance (aka Ethel Mertz from I Love Lucy). By the end of the book, I’m not really sure what to believe of what he writes. But sadly I have to admit it was pretty entertaining.


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