41 down, 11 to go

Title: Youth in Revolt
Author: CD Payne

Oh the shenanigans of fourteen-year-old Nick Twisp – stealing cars, causing fires, cross dressing, and alluding the FBI by faking his departure to India. All for the sake of his love, Sheeni!

I was pretty certain this book might be the death of me. At nearly 500 pages, it was a slog to get through compared to my recent reads. But it was worth it. Fourteen-year-old Nick Twisp is hilarious. What a kid won’t do to have sex with the love of his life.

The book takes place over the course of a year or so, but it runs like a movie following the course of a single day (a la Ferris Bueller). So much stuff happens in the novel. Nick starts off living with his mom in California and dealing with her poor choices in men, to moving in with his father who is equally cursed with poor decision making. Perhaps that’s where Nick gets it.

Nick is a smarmy, but still suave. He is intellectually smart, but in the same breath common sense stupid. His teenage hormones seem to have taken over his mind completely. The stuff Nick pulls makes you want to hate him. But he’s too entertaining and charming to despise him entirely.

They made a movie of this book staring Michael Cera which I’ve not seen (added to my Netflix this morning), but I cannot imagine how they incorporated everything in to it. Great book but a little exhausting to read.


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