37 down, 15 to go

Title: Breakfast after Noon
Author: Andi Watson

This graphic novel follows a British couple, on the verge of a wedding, who suddenly have to deal with being sacked as their pottery jobs “become redundant”. Rob fights unemployment with denial and depression. His fiancée, Louise, decides getting laid off is a perfect opportunity to learn something new. Ultimately, the layoffs take a toll on their relationship.

I bought this book based on the suggestion from Good Comics. The list was a compilation of strong women in graphic novels. It was tailored to those nonreaders who might enjoy it. And while I have enjoyed others on the list (Ghostworld, Persepolis, and Shortcomings), I can’t say I enjoyed Breakfast after Noon. The story is a relateable one. I know people who have been in their position and have responded just as they have. But there’s something that just did not connect with me.

Watson’s approach to story telling jumps a bit. The story is linear, but the author occasionally implements gaps in conversation and scenes that were a bit confusing. As an American, it did take me awhile to adjust to the British slang, but conveniently they’ve added a glossary at the end. But even after that, something felt off. Not horrible, but not one that I loved either.


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