Frightened Rabbit @ House of Blues 11.4.2010

I found myself, once again, seeing my beloved Frightened Rabbit on stage. But this time, a little closer to home. I have seen many bands multiple times, but there’s not one out there that really has hit me as hard, lyrically, as these guys. Midnight Organ Fight was “our album” in my last relationship. And yes, I see the irony of declaring a breakup album “your album”. Which is probably why it’s been hard to listen to them lately. But it just fit.

Did someone request a crappy cell phone shot? You got it!

I think, more than any other song on the record, “I Feel Better” continues to hit home hard with me. Lead singer, Scott Hutchinson told the crowd this is a companion piece to “Snake”, a song off their first album Sing the Greys. He said he took off for New York City with a stuffed snake in his back pocket in hopes of wooing back his girlfriend. While, unfortunately, the romantic gesture did not win her back. He got a great story and song out of it.

I have to admit, the House of Blues show just did not live up to the one a few weeks ago in Florida. Turns out, HoB is not one of my favorite venues. The sound was off. There are HUGE architectural devices that cause gigantic blindspots. But regardless of these disappointments, the guys once again put on a terrific show. It happened to be the last night on their American tour. I had forgotten how much I love last nights. The opening act came out during their last song “Loneliness and the Scream”. Crowd participation was high with singing and clapping. Chicago loves them some Frightened Rabbit, and it was clear at the House of Blues.

My friend who accompanied me to the show said afterward that there’s a lot of ghosts in these songs for me. There are. But I’ve let them go.

I’ll stow away my greys, in a padlocked case and in a padlocked room.
Only to be released when I see you walking round with someone new.
This is the last song I’ll write about you

— “I Feel Better”


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