I thought there was a virtue in always being cool

Upclose and personal with Grampa Wayne @ Lollapalooza 06

Have I mentioned yet that I purchased tickets to see the Flaming Lips in Oklahoma City, OK on New Year’s Eve???!?!

The second best show I’ve ever seen was The Lips at the Metro in Chicago on NYE. I had a chance to be on stage in a costume and everything, but passed up the opportunity to sit front row. My friend donned a unicorn costume and doused me with confetti the entire night. I was still pulling shreds of multicolored paper out of my underwear the next day.

But it was, hands down, the BEST way to ring in a new year. And I’m trying to duplicate the experience again this year – in the Lips hometown no less! While I don’t have floor seats, I’ll still be rocking out and fist shaking from my seat far far away from G’pa Wayne and crew.

And if that weren’t awesome enough, they are doing the Soft Bulletin in its entirety that night. I could not be a happier music nerd, honestly.


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