36 down, 16 to go

Title: Bunnicula
Author: Deborah and James Howe

I thought I’d dedicate my Halloween weekend to reading some Poe and watching the classic Freaks I had saved on my DVR until just this occasion. My dog, however, had other plans.

In a fit of anger, my darling 14 pounds of fierce turned on me and decided to take a bite out of my hand. I spent Saturday at urgent care getting checked out. I’m now the proud owner of a rocking infection and some sweet meds.

My wounds before the infection took over. Shih tzus have some seriously pointy teeth

It only seemed fitting, then, that the “Halloween themed” book I chose to read was about a vampire family pet. Bunnicula, told through the eyes of the pet dog and cat, is the story of a family who finds a bunny while at the movies. Conveniently, they were seeing Dracula at the time, so the rabbit was named Bunnicula. The newest addition was aptly named as it turns out Bunnicula is a vampire rabbit who likes to drain the liquids out of vegetables.

I only wish my dog had a thirst for carrot juice instead of human blood.


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