Frightened Rabbit @ Common Ground 10.23.2010

Frightend Rabbit @ Common Ground - Gainesville, Fl.

I am no stranger to traveling great distances for a show. I’ve flown to both coasts in the name of good music. So to fly to Florida on an overnight whirlwind trip to see my current favorite obsession, Frightened Rabbit, is just another moment on my crazy list.

There are a few things that make for a perfect show: awesome performance, stellar audience, handclaps and sing-a-longs. I got all four at this show.

It’s been awhile since I stood front row for a show, but this seemed like a perfect time to do so. I was within poking distance of the band members. But for a shorty like me, front row is ideal for actually being able to see part of the performance. To be able to read the setlist from my location was just a perk. Some day the ringing in my ears from standing so close will subside.

The Donut drawn by Scott. It was a leftover from Houston, but I don't care.

This trip was more than just seeing a band I’ve now seen eight times and counting. It was finding something I thought I had lost long ago. It was about reclaiming a band that  suddenly had bad memories attached to it. It was about remembering how much I love being that creepy weirdo standing front in line to procure my front row spot. It was about finding my love of music again. And it proved to be way more emotional than I ever could have imagined.

I walked away with a rekindling of the crazy inside of me and a desperate desire to see these guys again. Good thing I’ve only got to wait a couple weeks to ease that need. I also scored myself a pick from the stage and an awesome “beard” hand drawn by lead singer Scott Hutchison. I couldn’t be more delighted.


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