34 down, 18 to go

Title: Why Moms are Weird
Author: Pamela Ribon

Three books in to Pamela Ribon’s bibliography and I’m hooked. I like the writer’s style a lot. And her quirky main characters remind me of myself (which is a rarity). But I have to admit, I’m not sure I liked this one as much as the rest. This is her second novel and the story was all over the place.

It’s a tale of a 20-somethinger, Benny “Boobs” Bernstein, who comes home to help her mom while she’s recovering from an injury. Benny finds herself having to clean up a lot in her family’s life. Since her dad’s death, her mom’s home has become a tryout for Hoarders. Her mom starts dating several people at once. And her little sister finds herself in an abusive relationship that she just can’t let go. Couple that with Benny dealing with losing weight and two romances she has to choose from. And well…. you’ve got a lot going on in one book.

I’m not even sure I find the storyline believable. The characters are well defined but the plot was all over the place.

I wish the last Ribon book I read wasn’t this one. She’s produced better work than this. I’d recommend it only because Benny is a great character. But the rest is debatable.



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