I <3 Mad Men

I love Mad Men for lots of reasons, but each time I watch it, I fall in love with something new.

I’ve been having a mini Mad Men marathon today leading up to the season finale tonight. And in the episode “Blowing Smoke”, Don laments “we’re creative – the least important most important thing there is.”

Being a librarian satisfies one facet of my personality, but it does not cover it all. There are times in my life when I miss a creative outlet. But making a career out of it is difficult as was proven during my days in newspaper. When times get tough, the creative department is the first to go. But many times, they are the most critical. I think that’s why Don’s comment struck so deep.

I’ve watched so many friends – especially those working in the media – struggle to find work in this economy. Newspapers fold. Advertising budgets shrink. Jobs fade. I chose to get out of newspaper to find something more secure. Go ahead and stop laughing. I’ll wait.

I know no job or career is guaranteed anymore. But I seem to be drawn to those whose impact is not immediately recognizable and therefore, the most expendable during a crappy financial turn.



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