The Tempura House – A place for lightly battered women

I didn’t think I could love David Sedaris more than I already did, but I was wrong. It started with him say “stwawberries” and ended with him using some of the foulest language in some of the most hilarious stories. But he’s apparently not for everyone.

I assumed if you paid $25+ for a ticket to see an author read passages from his latest book you would have some idea about the author, especially this one who writes so intimately about his life. But there were people who were genuinely offended by his stance on homosexuality. Uh… you guys didn’t know he was gay? I think it’s a safe assumption he’s going to support Prop 8, too. Please don’t act so surprised.

There was actually a gentleman in my section who heckled Sedaris from his balcony seat. He shouted out boooooos and eventually got up and left, but not before yelling “YOU CAN KEEP YOUR BOOK, TOO!” Really, buddy?

But for the most part, everyone in the audience adored Sedaris as much as I did. He read a passage out of his new book and then went on to read us some of his work from the New Yorker and even some out of his own diary. I’m convinced that if ever given the opportunity to travel with Sedaris, you must take him up on it immediately. Because this guy witnesses some of the most hilarious moments when flying. Sedaris always ends with a book recommendation. This time he suggested Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned by Wells Tower. While I’ve not read it, if the passage Sedaris read about drunk veterinarians is any indication of how good the stories are, I’m adding it to my “to-read” list.

His past suggestions can be found here.


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