blending my two worlds

Long before I created this site, I used to maintain a small music blog. It started when I lived in Chicago and covered my (sometime hilarious) life going to shows and following bands around the country. I took it down when I moved because it was very Chicago focused. It came back in a different form while I lived here, but I took it down last year because I hadn’t been going to many shows.

I met up with someone last night that I hadn’t seen in four years, and he brought up the fact that I no longer have my music blog. I’ve had a few people inquire lately about what happened to it. And here I thought no one was reading. But have no fear, kids. I have every intention of covering that area of my life here, too.

Music has definitely taken a back step in my life in the last four years. Between work and school and life, I had a hard time finding the proper balance. It doesn’t mean I stopped listening to great music and supporting local acts. I just don’t do it as frequently. And I’m trying to add that back in more.

So library folks, please excuse semi-regular freakouts about the newest Frightened Rabbit album or the super awesome show I saw last night. And music kids, please disregard any librarian nerdery you might not appreciate. But it’s all me, and I can’t really separate the two.


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